In your center, you are whole and untouched

untouchedBy Anando Würzburger

When I first heard these words of Osho twenty years ago, I was deeply touched. These words sent me off on a long journey – in search of my inner center. In Japan and China, the center is called the “Hara”, which means “the source of life”. It is located in the belly, approximately four centimeters below the navel. There, I had heard, lay the seat of my “being”, as Osho had called it. The space of being.

Yet these were not only spiritual words for me:
I wanted to find this place within myself that was whole and untouched; the place where I could find my essential qualities and life energy, untainted by ideas and ideals coming from outside myself. There I wanted to be free, to be myself, to share myself with others without shame and inhibitions. I wanted to find this place within myself that is untouched by emotional scars or traumas.

I wanted to reconnect with the natural and whole child within me who is free of all conditioning. This vision gave me hope. On this journey within, I encountered the hurt child with her anger and her pain. Yet only when I found the deep stillness in my center did the process of healing begin. The feeling of a deep connection and oneness with existence gave me back the trust in life and myself. Hidden deep within my center, I discovered the self-healing powers of my body and psyche. I learned to listen to the wisdom of my body and to follow its voice and discovered the ways my body knows how to heal itself.

In my center, I found the strength of my creative expression. It is born of the cosmic source that I have continued to seek over and over again. This search, this path to the fountain of deep stillness and the source of oneness is what I wish to share in my work. “Life renews itself from its source”, Osho says. It is a power that realigns you from within, gives new direction to your psyche, refreshes your mind, and opens up the energy flow in your body.
I feel it in everything I do.


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