Hara Awareness® Massage Basic Training Module 1


When our gut feeling or instinct functions well then the connection to who we are in our center becomes clear. To know who we are in our center helps us, in our lives to stand on our own two feet and to meet life with openness and a good feeling self-worth. Also the best decisions we make are based on our gut feeling, our sense in the belly.

Our belly feeling gives us clear messages about what we need, what is right for us and what we want to do. If we have learned earlier in life that we need to adjust to the outside completely in order to get loved, we lose the connection to our inner voice from the belly. In order to deny the messages from our belly we built up physical blockages and tensions in the belly, lower back, spine and pelvis. Then it is difficult to breathe deeply into the belly, which is the base for deep relaxation.

The blockages disconnect us from the Hara, the „source of life“ in the belly. If we are centered, we can love and meet the other without getting lost and disorientated. We can stay in our own truth without denying ourselves or getting lost in overly „helping“. Some instructions for the direction of the work have been given by Osho and he also gave it the name, Hara Awareness® Massage… Hara is „the center of being“ and „awareness“ brings watchfulness as a transformative power.

This training is for everybody who is interested in strengthening their center, wanting to be more authentic and in learning how to regulate stress and emotions. Professionals can learn ways to work with their clients. We will work on Centering, Grounding and also working on the integration of Energy, Body, Mind and Emotions.

Module 1

Part 1 Hara- the silent Strength of your Center
12th – 15th November 2020

We connect to the Hara center in the belly, the place of being. Here we can find the source of the universal life force. Here body, mind and spirit can become aligned and recharged with cosmic energy. We learn to reconnect with a healthy energy flow in the belly and support it in its ability to regulate stress.


  • Working with the balance of the three levels of the human being: thinking, feeling and being, which are represented in the belly
  • conscious touch and sensing the movement of ki – life energy
  • learning how to balance energetic fullness and emptiness in the belly
  • the imbalance of energy in the belly related to stress and activation of the nervous system
  • opening the natural belly breathing in a deep state of relaxation
  • connecting to the center
  • Hara Awareness® Massage on belly, spine and pelvis and legs for grounding
  • Katsugen Undo: using the regenerative spontaneous movements of the body to bring balance and integration


Part 2 Resolving Energetic Blockages in the Belly
07th – 10th of January 2021

Energetic blockages from past emotional events hinder the free flow of „Ki“ (Japanese for life energy) in the belly and pelvis. They disconnect us from our strength and our full energetic potential. If we gently dissolve these blockages we can let go of separation and dissociation.

  • resolving past traumatic events that created energetic blockages in the belly and patterns of thinking in the mind
  • reconnecting to our full presence of being
  • being one and moving from the center
  • Qi Gong and working with the spontaneous movement of the body
  • understanding the concept of "kyo" and "jitsu" in relation to the five elements
  • working with relaxing the fasciae in the belly
  • communication as means of directing "ki" life energy flow

Part 3 Hara-the Seat of Will
04th – 07th of March 2021 hara-archer

An old wisdom of Kung-Fu martial arts says: „soft overpowers hard, weak overpowers strong“. In this part of the training we explore what seems to be a contradiction: finding our own will and letting go or finding the unison of strength and vulnerability in the Hara. If we let go of efforting we discover the strength residing in our center.

  • the psoas muscle in the belly- "the muscle of the soul"
  • releasing tension held in the psoas muscle
  • understanding how the nervous system activates the fight flight response and how it can be released
  • activating the Hara as the "seat of will" - knowing what you want and getting a sense of direction in your life
  • sensing and setting your boundaries
  • ego and non-ego: understanding "personal will" and "the higher will" of existence
    Katsugen Undo - spontaneous movements from the Hara for the integration of willpower
  • discover the power of Kiai: sound from the Hara
  • exercises from Asian Martial Arts

To receive a full certification as a "Hara Awareness® Massage Practitioner" you need to participate in Module 1 and Module 2: 6 th-9th of May 2021, 7th-11th of July 2021, 30th September-3rd of October 2021 and 19th-21rst of November 2021 in the Uta Academy in Germany, plus taking individual supervision by a senior assistant. Please connect for detailed information.

Price 1.525,00€ for Module 1 (The fee is not subject to the VAT)

The Training takes place at the UTA Academy Cologne.
The seminar will be held in German, translation into English is available on request.

10:00 on the first day until 17:00 on the last day


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