Hara Awareness® Massage

Hara Awareness® Massage combines soft Shiatsu techniques applied to the whole body with sensitive massage and energy work.
Hara means simply belly in Japanese. Its centre, lying four finger widths below the navel, is described as the source of the universal life force, a magical source of energy within the body. The Japanese samurai use its relaxed power and awareness for sword fighting. We use it for self-healing.

At the Hara, strength, vitality and silence are united. The relaxed vitality and self-assurance of the tiger combined with the consciousness of the Buddha bestow genuine clarity, with which to live and act from the Centre.

Through conscious touch and energy work, we clear from body and mind whatever is inhibiting us from reaching this natural source of our life energy. We find this treasure lying dormant within, and no longer need to seek recognition from without, from others.Hara Awareness Massage sessions are available singly or as a 9-session series.

If you wish to learn the technique yourself several programmes are available, including introductory weekends, various courses, and a. training schedule towards qualification as a Hara Awareness Massage practitioner.




Hara Awareness Massage Sessions

Hara Awareness® Massage integrates ancient eastern wisdom with western psychological understanding.
Using various massage techniques applied with a soft, sensitive and conscious touch, contact with ones own inner Centre is established.
That vast inner space is discovered, beyond all extremes and polarities, hence stillness, presence and body awareness arise. Consequently one is also able to meet the other from Centre to Centre in deep restfulness and meditation.

A single session lasts one and a quarter hours, and takes place on a soft mattress on the floor. It begins with the back and includes pelvis and leg-work for grounding, and holding of energy points over the whole body, ending with energy work and soft massage on the Hara itself.



If you are interested in becoming a Hara Awareness Massage Pracitioner please use this link to find informations and dates of upcoming events such as introductory weekends and Trainings.


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