Darkness Meditation and Grounding

Darkness Meditation and Grounding

The Meditation on Darkness opens for us the understanding and experiencing of deep layers of our being, of our existence itself. We are being guided by the instructions given by Ohso based on the techniques of the traditional “Vigyan Bhairav Tantra”.

In the western understanding, light is considered to be the beginning of life. Meditation on darkness offers us the understanding of darkness as the eternal. Light has a beginning and an end, but darkness remains. Meditating on darkness opens us to the Yin, the female nourishing quality of the earth energy. Meditating on darkness reveals the experience of that which is without form, which goes beyond our body.

In order to experience these deep dimensions of ourselves, we also need to be firmly connected to our body.  So this seminar offers a delicate balance between grounding and Osho´s active meditations and sitting and meditating on darkness.


Anando: “I have 30 years of experience of meditating on darkness and 25 years of offering “Meditation in Darkness” in winter time. Each year for me is the process of unwinding and letting go of the last year, of letting go of all agendas and allowing them to melt into darkness. It is a bit like the phoenix, that is being reborn out of the ashes. Or in modern day language you would say: a complete restart….


27th – 30th of December 2017, Retreat on Darkness Meditation and Grounding, Osho Uta Institute, Cologne Germany

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