A letter from Japan

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What has happened in Japan concerns us all. We share this planet and the fragile life we all lead on it ­ a life that as we have recently seen, can end so suddenly.
Here I wish to share sections of the letter from Japan which I received via email.
It comes from my teacher for Seitai and Katsugen Undo, Mutsuko Nomura Senei, her husband Kuneo Nomura Sensei and their assistant, Erika.
The letter from Kuneo and Nomura with calligraphy from Noguchi touched me deeply. When I received it, I had already been in shock for days since the almost unthinkable tragedy that had happened to so many of those so close to me.
In fact, to release the shock from the body and return to a space of deep silence and connection took me 5 days.
Through the lines of their letter shone so much courage, strength and from the calligraphy, so much clarity, that I would like to share this with you

Hello Dear our friends,

We are still alive and safe physically and mentally although the earthquakes caused lots of damages even to our house in Akagi.
While writing this email an earthquake happened. We have experienced more than 100 earthquakes after the first big one. But the earthquakes are getting weaker and occuring with longer interval of time.
The biggest and the most serious problem is not earthquake nor tsunami anymore but the possible overall meltdown and the explosion of the nuclear reactor in Fukushima in the very near future. If it happens, it will cause unimaginable casualties not only in Japan but also in overall planet and we may die soon.
But our mind is as serene as usual because we know no human beings never die, in the true meaning of the word. Now at this moment came another quite big earthquake.Our house is shaking now.
Please do deep meditation and send Ki to Japan, especially concentrate the Nuclear plant in Fukushima. It is the most important problem now!
In these days are very important for the destiny of the earth!
Deep meditation with tenshin, strong Kiai from Tanden*, do not worry about everything, with the Ki of Universe will help you and us.
And please tell it or send this mail to the other nice people, seitai friend, your friend, please!

Best wishes with friendship and Love.
Kunio, Mutsuko and Erika 9:00 AM, March, 13th,Sunday, 2011

noguchiCalligraphy by Haruchika Noguchi

I am...

I exist and I am the centre of the universe.
Life lives in me.

Life comes from a place where there is no beginning and goes to a place where there is no end.

Through my life, the life expands into infinity and touches eternity.
Just as the life is complete and boundless, I too, am complete and boundless.
When I move, the Universe moves. When the Universe moves, I move.

The Universe and I are an unbroken whole. We are one body and one soul. We are spacious and harmonious, free and without boundaries. We exist beyond life and death. And thus, beyond sickness and old age.

Now that I have found life in me, I am at peace with the spiritual concepts of eternity and infinity.
My everyday life: I walk, I stop, I sit down, I lie down… everything happens as normal, nothing disturbs and nothing is disturbed.

My spirit is so strong, that it can never be broken.

Everything is good.


Haruchika Noguchi

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