Hara News 2011

Dear friends and those interested in Hara work,

This newsletter is above all, about the state of affairs in Japan since the triple catastrophe earlier this year.
Although it does not appear in the headlines now, for the people in Japan the situation continues to be an extremely serious one as officials don´t seem to be taking care of the evacuation process. (Link to a video showing a public hearing in Fukushima City)
Enclosed you will find a letter from Anando¹s Japanese teacher for Noguchi
Seitai, alongside an article on Katsugen Undo and the announcement of the new Hara Training in Osho Miasto, Italy.


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A letter from Japan

Our planet is going through a period of violent change. The catastrophe in Japan has shown us just how fragile our modern technological world is.
In March, Anando received a letter via email from her teacher in Japan, written in the wake of the Atomic disaster in Fukushima.
She would like very much to share this letter and also the calligraphy inset by Haruchika Noguchi (see picture to right) with you all.
» A letter from Japan




Katsugen Undo

Katsugen Undo is a branch of the Seitai healing system developed by Haruchika Noguchi. This form of body work is a way to strengthen trust in our own life force and at the same time, to bring us in connection with something bigger, the universal life force.

» About Katsugen Undo




Hara Awareness Training

Finally, in English language with Italian translation!
This October, the first module is starting in Osho Miasto. This is an amazing chance to discover the Hara ­ the door to the Universal Life Force ­
and at the same time, to ground yourself solidly in your own life.
Body work, meditation and breathing exercises allow us to experience deeply who we are in our innermost core.
What stands in our way to a fulfilling and independent life, falls away by itself like an empty shell.
What remains, is our life essence ­ our Being.

The first Module is suitable for all people who have a wish to experience their own center, whether or not they wish to work with people in this capacity at a later date.
The first 6 days in October can be booked separately.
Module 2 completes the Training to become a certified Hara Awareness® Massage Practitioner.

» More information about the Hara Awareness Training


Overview of Workshops and Trainings with Anando